Academic Year 2020 - 2021

Transportation Policy


Keeping in mind the parents’ struggle in guaranteeing their children arriving to and leaving school on time, the school provides a transportation service made up of fully air-conditioned buses. The types of buses offered are either school-owned or privately owned buses, which are under the full supervision of the school.

To ensure the punctuality and safety of the students using any kind of group of transportation, the school only permits students to be transported through private cars or school buses only. Any kind of shared private transportation, such as private buses and/or carpooling is strictly prohibited.

The term “school bus” refers to both types of buses school-owned and privately owned buses.

Basic Rules:

  • Pick-up:
    • It is the responsibility of the student’s parent/guardian to ensure his/her child is ready and waiting for the bus ahead of the scheduled pick-up time.
    • Bus drivers will only give any student 2 minutes after arriving at the pickup point before departing.
    • Due to traffic irregularities, buses may either arrive five minutes before or after the scheduled pickup-time. Parents/Guardians must put this into their consideration before sending their children to meet the bus.
  • Contact:
    • Parents/Guardians should have the bus driver’s number for emergency cases; however, it should not be used to request personal things such as stopping the bus on the way or asking the driver to wait for some time in the morning due to the child being late.
    • Any complaints or incidents are to be reported by the parents/guardians to the Transport Manager and are not to be discussed with the driver or staff member in the bus.
  • Behaviour:
    • The bus driver and/or staff member present on the bus will be responsible in reporting any kind of misbehaviour.
    • Students are required to follow any instructions given to them by the driver or the staff member present on the bus.
    • In certain buses, specific seating arrangements will be enforced. Students are to follow them without any complaints.
    • Students are not allowed to eat on the bus; however, they are allowed to drink water. If a student abuses the use of water privilege, the bus driver or staff member present has the right to stop that.
    • Whenever a number of students are boarding the bus at the same time, they must do so in a regular manner without crowding.
    • Students must at all times keep calm inside the bus and never put their hands, head or feet outside the window. Never stand or move while the bus is moving.
    • Students are not to damage the seats, other students’ belongings, or security and safety inside the school bus.
    • Students must maintain cleanliness of the bus. Throwing paper or any other object on the floor of the bus or outside the windows is totally forbidden.
    • Students if they wish to talk inside the bus should talk quietly using an ‘inside’ voice.
    • Students must be courteous to fellow passengers and keep aisles clear of books, bags and other belongings.
  • Change of assigned bus:
    • Under no circumstance is a student allowed to change his/her assigned bus. Such requests must be submitted in writing to the Transport Manager and are usually denied except in emergency cases or change of residence address.
    • The Transport Manager may allow or deny such a request at his/her own discretion.


Consequences of Misbehavior:

KIS code of conduct expects all students to display appropriate behaviour in school. This expectation extends to student behaviour on the school bus. In the case of inappropriate behaviour on the bus:

  • A report will be given by the bus monitor to the UNIS Hanoi Transport Manager and School Principal.
  • A penalty may be imposed on the student at the discretion of the school and may include temporary suspension or loss of bus service.
  • A letter informing the parents/guardian of the incident and penalty, if any, will be provided by the school.
  • Consistent and/or poor behaviour on the school bus will result in:
    • A verbal reprimand.
    • Suspension from riding bus for up to three (3) days.
    • Suspension from riding bus for up to two weeks
    • Suspension from riding school bus for up to three months
    • Complete suspension from riding the school bus up to the end of the year.

Note:  The school reserves the right to take whatever action or decision dependent on the severity and repetition of the incident.

Transportation Service General Responsibilities for Parents/Guardians:

  • Please ensure that the person responsible for collecting students at the drop-off point are on time. If no adult is there, the bus will wait for 2 more minutes and then will return to School with the child for the parents to collect.
  • If your child is not returning home on the bus, in the afternoon, it is necessary that parents/guardians inform the Transport Manager at least one hour prior to the time the bus is scheduled to leave the school.


Transportation Fees:

  • Transportation/Bus fees are to be paid separate from the school fees.
  • These fees are for the use of the bus during regular school days. Any use of the bus during
  • The fees may be paid in installments as agreed with the Accounts Department.
  • The school reserves the right to suspend any student, with overdue transportation/bus fees, from using the school bus until all such payment(s) are fulfilled.