Kibeida International Schools

“Leading International Education in Sudan”

In Kibeida International Schools, we believe that all students are called to excellence in both academics and personal development.  Our teachers are committed to engaging and inspiring students through rigorous coursework, meaningful relationships, and creative learning opportunities necessary for success throughout their educational experience. Achieving academic excellence requires a number of supporting factors:

  • emphasizing the development of positive relationships with teachers, parents, and peers;
  • focusing on an environment, which enables the students to learn how to think, not what to think;
  • introducing activities and training programs such as our OPAL Training Program to further strengthen the students’ interpersonal skills such as communication and presentation skills, self-management and goal setting, problem solving and decision-making techniques, team dynamics … etc.

The high level of education and rigor our students experience factors in toward achieving their university goals, which we believe are dependent on: academic ability, critical thinking skills, problem solving ability, strong work ethics, self-motivation and discipline and ability to work and communicate well with others.
In Kibeida International Schools, we strongly believe our repeated success relies upon:

  • our people; selectively recruited and continuously trained under the supervision of high-quality leadership;
  • our curriculum; built on the British Curriculum, it is as broad as the students are diverse;
  • our ongoing assessment; regularly assessing our students to support good instruction.