The OPAL Program

As mentioned in our Educational Philosophy, in Kibeida International Schools we believe that nowadays education is not strictly about learning knowledge it is also about developing the whole student. This can only be achieved by looking at all the factors that affect the student’s learning such as critical thinking skills, strong work ethics, self-motivation and ability to work and communicate well with others.

A few years back, namely in 2017, we were fortunate to be approached and hence enter into a collaboration with Winjy Enterprises to introduce the OPAL Program to our students in the high school section.

The OPAL Program is a training program that was designed to equip the participants with basic skills essential in everyday life. The students in this program are trained on the following contents:

  • Soft skills: The participants will interact with trainers during sessions, activities and trips in order to teach them communication and presentation skills, team dynamics, leadership and personal branding, self-management, time management, problem solving and decision making, stress management and learning skills.
  • Career pathway: Interactive sessions to enlighten participants about the different career sectors; requirements, purposes and options, in order to make an educated decision about their own career pathway
  • Life skills: consist of two packages:
    • Professional etiquette – This package aims to equip participants with knowledge and skills on how to behave in a professional manner.
    • Stress management – It refers to the techniques aimed at controlling a person’s levels of stress.

At the start, the program was designed to be given as an extracurricular activity and was introduced only for grade 11 students. The positive feedback from the students and their families encouraged us to change the program’s design and content as to be adapted and incorporated within the regular school daily schedule for all students in the high school, that is grades 9, 10 and 11.

For the future the school and Winjy Enterprises team of experts are planning to further increase our students’ access to the program by introducing a young learners package, which will be introduced at the Primary level.