Academic Year 2020 – 2021

Admission Policy


KIS accepts applications from all interested candidates whom can benefit from the education offered at the school. All applicants are given equal opportunity and our selection policy is based on academic merit and submission of all required documents.
It is vital before applying for admission for their children that parents read, understand and be supportive of the school’s vision, mission and core values. These statements underpin all that goes on in the school and are a clear
Unfortunately, KIS has limited ability to offer support for children with learning difficulties and will therefore assess children before admission in order to be sure that we are able to provide appropriately for the needs of the individual. Where it is felt the school is unable to provide adequate assistance, admission will be denied.

Section One: Application

The first step towards admission in Kibeida International Schools consists of the following:

  • the parent/guardian of the applicant must fill and sign an application form. [currently this can only be done through visiting the appropriate school branch]
  • the parent/guardian of the applicant must submit the following documents:
    1. a copy of the previous school report; [applicable for applications to classes KG II to grade 11]
    2. two recent photographs;
    3. vaccination card; [mandatory for applications to classes KG I and KG II]
    4. copy of birth certificate or passport or National ID verifying applicant’s date of birth [mandatory for all applicants]

Note: Upon receipt of the signed application form and the required documents, the School will either:

  • decide not to take the application further and refuse admission; [the School reserves the right to refuse admission without assigning any reason to do so], or
  • reserve the application on the waiting list for that year, in case there is no available space in the required class; or
  • proceed with the next section ‘Assessment’


Section Two: Assessment

The second step in the admission process is the interview. An interview will be conducted with each applicant and his/her parent(s), to determine his/her eligibility. This step is the only step required for assessment in KG I applications. For applications to all classes from KG II to Grade 11, upon successful completion of the interview the applicant proceeds to step three.
Note: The School will only accept children in the early years’ stage (KG I and KG II classes) if they are toilet trained. It is not acceptable for children to attend school if they are still wearing nappies/diapers.
The third step in the admission process is the assessment/entrance tests.

  • KG II to Grade 8: applicants are to sit for assessment tests in three subjects: English Language, mathematics and Arabic Language.
  • Grade 9: applicants are to sit for assessment in four subjects: English Language, Arabic Language, mathematics and science.
  • Grades 10 and 11: applicants are to sit for assessment in six subjects: English Language, Arabic Language, mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics.

Upon successful completion of all assessment tests, the applicant is offered a space in the required class and must complete registration within one week of being informed of the decision.
Note: In some cases where an applicant fails to achieve the passing mark in all assessment tests he/she is either:

  • offered conditional/probationary acceptance in the required class; or
  • offered to repeat the same class he was in the previous academic year, based upon the availability of a space in that class.

Please note that an offer of acceptance does not mean the applicant is registered with the school. It simply means the applicant has a reserved space in the required class pending registration.

Section Three: Registration

Step four in the admission process is registration. An applicant will be considered as a registered student once all required fees are settled with the Accounts Department and all required documents have been received by the school.