Facilities and Environment


We have always believed in the importance of the school environment and the significant role it plays towards enhancing the learning experience of students.  Hence we have constantly sought the means to improve on our existing campuses and whatever facilities being provided within.

In 2011 we were fortunate to acquire a purposely built school in Erkaweet to house our Khartoum Branch Preschool and Primary Sections. The campus consists of a single large building with several floors, a spacious playground and a separate Kindergarten play area fully equipped with playground equipment.

Again, in 2016 we were able to re-build and open our Omdurman Branch in a newly purposely built camous. The campus consists of two separate buildings (Preschool and Primary) with large playing areas. The classrooms are spacious and allow for the comfortable accommodation of the students. The separation in the buildings allows for the Kindergarten pupils to have their own playing area complete with their playground equipment.


Technology has immense power to transform learning in and beyond the classroom and due to our belief in such a strong thought we are convinced that incorporating ICT into all of the lessons will benefit the students tremendously. Our first step was to ensure that all our buildings will have complete computer laboratories. Our second step in the near future is to introduce various technological instruments into our classrooms; such as overhead projectors, LCDs and interactive whiteboards.

Psychological Influence of the Environment:

The physical and psychological dimensions of the school environment are important and are interrelated. To become a leading school, the psychological influence of our school environment was of utmost importance.

As a school we believed that to enable our students’ learning they must feel secure, and have no fear and exist in an environment governed by relationships of equality and equity. Hence all teachers must practice equality and not discriminate among the children. Students must be able to ask questions freely to clarify their doubts.

The Future:

The future for us means a continuous unwavering effort to improve our campuses to become safe educational environments where students learn, play and excel.